About Us


Working with those who developed the Magnetic Stripe Cards, Discover Card, and Multi-application Platform that became the military and bank platforms used today; enabled the founder of SAYVES to see the pros and cons long before the rest of the market. The pros were increased security. The cons were added time to process and cost of cards and equipment. The cons led to the requests to develop a more secure technology that would save time and eliminate the cost  of cards and need for payment acceptance devices.

SAYVES met these requests by replacing the account data with one time, one use micro-bursts of data we call Session and Transaction ID's. These ID's are sent by multiple devices over multiple connections to increase security. The result was an application so simple that you can combine gift, payment, and loyalty into one seamless transaction.  The simplicity enables interfacing to  smart phones, wearables, and merchant bar code scanners, saving the need to spend billions annually on cards, NFC devices, and payment acceptance devices. Utilizing existing infrastructure that eliminates the barriers to entry for capturing the global market.

SAYVES with InCashTM is MORE!

SAYVES with InCash is more than a free mobile wallet with Cryptocurrency that saves merchants 50% of the processing fees they currently pay for credit cards, it is more than merchants saving 10% to 15% for gift card processing, it is more than merchants savings $3 billion per year in payment hardware, it is more than 30 million people spared from Identity Theft with losses of $12 billion per year, it is more than saving marketing expenses and leveling the playing field for main street merchants to compete with the e-commerce giants of the world, it is more than saving time during check out and providing the convenience of combining your loyalty-gift card-and payment into one seamless transaction, it is more than providing real time access to your money, it is more than the ability to transfer money as quickly and easily as sending a text message, it is more than having an international currency governed only by the free market, it is more than actual money in the bank backing InCash, it is more than combining the merchant savings to turn your $30 into $3,000 of purchasing power each year; THE ULTIMATE VALUE IS IN THE UNITING OF ALL PEOPLE TOGETHER THROUGH TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE IN WHICH TO LIVE!