How SAYVES Works:

The mobile wallet of your dreams is coming to your area. The SAYVES wallet cuts merchant fees in half that they share with you the shopper saving you money with each purchase and increasing your security, and combines your merchant loyalty, gift, and payment into one seamless transaction. By signing up now, you can ensure the merchants you shop at will follow and share their savings with you.

SAYVES employs patent pending Vanishing Encryption Security, that securely stores account data in a data vault protected behind firewalls and proxy servers, and replaces the data with micro-bursts of unique and dynamic (one time, one use) Session and Transaction ID's. SAYVES then employs Multiple Transmissions over different connections to Authenticate each transaction. This prevents or renders useless, known methods of fraud such as key logging, sniffing, ghosting, mirroring, etc.

This new simplified approach allows you the ability to load an unlimited number of accounts on your phone, safely and conveniently. A single login with a directory to all accounts enables you to quickly find the account you want to use, choose to Load Value, Make a Purchase or Send a Gift Card,  enter the amount, and click SUBMIT. It is that EASY!

Those viewing the SAYVES demonstration can’t wait to get rid of their old purse or wallet and let their phone manage their accounts more securely and conveniently from then on.

  1. Receive more than $600 in merchant gift value
  2. Save an additional 1% to 10% on every purchase
  3. Ultimate Security - Never exposes your information in the open
  4. Easy to use: Single Log-In, Seamlessly combines Loyalty, Gift, and Payment, Send Gift Cards as easily as sending a text message
  5. Helps pay for student and school expenses
  1. Saves the cost of setting up, manufacturing, and administrating a Gift Card Program
  2. Attracts and rewards New, Loyal, and Repeat Customers
  3. Increases Revenue and Profits
  4. Combines Payment, Loyalty, and Rewards into a single, simple, transaction
  5. Utilizes most smart phones and Bar Code Scanners
  6. Simple merchant integration through utilization of existing PoS software and robust APIs
  1. Raises more money each year than all other fund raisers combined
  2. Reduces school costs to accept payments for school lunch, tuition, books, etc.
  3. Requires minimal teacher and class time
  4. Earns $7 with each enrollment
  5. Teaches real commerce (No inflated prices or unwanted products)
  6. Allows students the ability to earn their education